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Photorealistic package design renderings portfolio

Posted by Chandler Slavin Nov 30, 2017 10:59:20 AM

Hey guys!

Due to the interest in "How Dordan Designs Packaging for Thermoforming in 6 Steps," I put together a portfolio of some of our photorealistic package design renderings.

Photorealistic Rendering Portfolio

The generation of photorealistic renderings can be part of the package design process at Dordan, should the customer wish to see a fully-engineered, visually accurate representation of a package design before moving to prototype. These renderings are engineered 100%-to-spec, literally built around the physical products they are to house/display/protect.

Photorealistic renderings demonstrate our design for thermoforming process, which is when consideration for the thermoforming process is fundamental to the package engineering process itself. It is one thing to design an attractive package; it is another thing to design an attractive package that is easy to thermoform and functions as desired. This is where Dordan excells as a custom designer and manufacturer of thermoformed packaging for 55-years: at the intersection of design and manufacturing.

And here is a photorealistic rendering video just for fun:

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