Dordan's Customer Testimonials

Dordan's objective as a full-service, engineering-based designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed packaging is to meet our customers' expectations. This objective is managed through our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes that allow us to track our success at producing high-quality thermoformed parts that meet the performance requirements of our customers and are delivered on time. We have data that quantifies how we meet our customers' expectations here, but we believe that customer success stories are more compelling. Below are a list of some of the comments that we have received from customers whose satisfactions were exceeded by our service.


"This clamshell is going to save a boatload of time when packaging our kits. Previously they were sealed in anti-static bags with heat-sealers and then placed inside a two-piece plastic container, then wrapped with a sticker. Now it’s as simple as placing in a clamshell and closing."


"The reason my product is selling so much is due to Dordan's design work. You guys created a much better product than I could have imagined for myself."

[Amazon Seller]


"Congratulations to the entire Dordan team for getting your ISO 9001:2008 re-certification. We appreciate your efforts to be better day after day. I hope this is one of the many achievements for Dordan in the future."

[Manufacturer of industrial components]


"It's been a great experience from start to finish. You've got a great team and the end product delivery was perfect, really - nailed it. Chandler, in particular, really helped keep things moving forward...Again - Really top-notch performance you guys. Your team deserves a collective high-five!"

[VP of Supply Chain at consumer electronics company]


"I traveled to Dordan Manufacturing in Woodstock, IL, to perform a supplier assessment and check the production of the thermoformed plastic trays they were manufacturing for us... In summary, I was very impressed with Dordan. The plant was very clean and well organized. The process they use to design thermoformed parts is well thought out and documented; potential issues are brought to the attention of the customer. I did not see any quality issues with the parts they were thermoforming and they maintain evidence inspection performed during production. All of the people that I met were very courteous and a pleasure to work with. Hopefully, we will be able to work with Dordan again on projects in the future."

[Supplier Quality at entertainment products supplier]


"Dordan is a family manufacturing business that cares about its customers and the quality it produces."

[CEO of OEM industrial sealant supplier]


Dordan Interviewer: Would you recommend Dordan to a colleague who does not know about us?

Customer: "Dordan would be highly recommended. Aric Slavin is very professional and very helpful. I have numerous vendors that I have to babysit; it is so refreshing to have a vendor that I don't have to!"

[Materials Manager at interventional pain management specialist]


"Only about 10% of the vendors we use are rated as A suppliers in our vendor scorecard system. If I could rate [Dordan] as a vendor, I would put it in that top 10% of A vendors. There are just no problems."

[Project Manager at point-of-purchase display supplier]


Dordan Interviewer: Is there anything that Dordan could do to increase its value to you as a thermoform supplier?

Customer: "You guys have already done that. When we had to change the part due to some fulfillment issue, we worked closely with Rich on how to improve part performance. We have revised this part two times now to improve its performance and durability, and Dordan was there every step of the way."

[Purchasing at global product leader of powertrain solutions]


"I am constantly learning what is possible with thermoforming. Unlike a lot of engineering processes, thermoforming is a little bit of an art form, so I have a lot of respect for the designers and Engineers at Dordan. They really have a deeper understanding that you can only get through experience. Dordan also has one of the most professional and cleanest shops I have ever seen. They have a nice layout and nice equipment."

[Sam Harrington at Ecovative Design, LLC.]


"Dear Dan, Rich, Aric, and John,

We would like to extend our appreciation for hosting our team at Dordan to show us the capabilities and capacity at your company. Dordan demonstrated strong attributes from your engineering design, to the tool making, to the manufacturing that makes Dordan a strong thermoformer. Thank you for sharing your site and expertise, which demonstrates the pride that Dordan has in providing customers with quality packaging solutions."

[Fortune 100 company that creates solutions to the world's toughest challenges, including security, clean energy, and safety.]