MakitaHouseware & Hardware Packaging

Houseware and hardware products have unique packaging requirements: Heavy and obtuse products like hand tools require sturdy and durable packaging; houseware products like candles and fragrant wax melts require odor-exposing or controlling features; and, repellents and insecticides require child-resistant designs. Dordan has 55-years experience designing and producing thermoformed packaging that meets the requirements of our customers who service the houseware and hardware industries.

Thermoformed Packaging for Housewares & Hardwares:

  • Heavy-gauge dunnage or work-in-process trays protect and merchandise hardware tools from the point of manufacture and assembly through distribution.

  • Plastic trays with cube cavitation serve as both the mold for the wax melts and the retail packaging for wax warmers.

  • Plastic clamshells protect and merchandise toxic products used in the home and yard to repel insects and invasive species.


Dordan offers custom thermoformed houseware and hardware packaging up to 30" x 38" x 5.5" and from 0.01" - 0.080 thick.