Dordan's Thermoform Recycling Initiative

In 2009 when Dordan discovered that the thermoformed packaging it manufactures were not collected for recycling in the majority of American communities, it began an investigation into the complexities of recycling in America, narrated in its then blog, Recycling in America.

This blog caught the attention of Walmart Canada's Sustainable Packaging Coordinator, who was organizing a working group of PET stakeholders to investigate how to increase PET thermoform recycling in Canada.

Invited to serve as the co-lead of this Material Optimization Committee, Dordan worked with Walmart Canada from 2009-2010, learning much of the economics of waste management and how to overcome the obstacles to clamshell recycling.

These efforts culminated with the release of Dordan's 2010 Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report, a discussion of why thermoformed packaging like plastic clamshells were not recycled, with suggestions for what the industry could do to overcome these barriers.

After the publication of the 2010 Recycling Report, Dordan was invited to present at industry events on its research and became an integral player in the discourse around thermoform recycling.

In 2011 Dordan was awarded the cover feature of Green Manufacturer Magazine for its efforts to recycle thermoformed packaging.

Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report

In 2012, Moore Recycling Associates reported that PET thermoformed packaging was now collected for recycling in the majority of American communities; therefore, the plastic clamshell packaging that Dordan manufactures is officially recyclable.

In 2013, Dordan published a follow up to its 2010 Recycling Report, The State of Post-Consumer PET Recycling: Past, Present & Future. This Report described how the industry collaborated to remove the obstacles to PET thermoform collection for recycling.

Dordan was invited to present its research in the UK at RECOUP Plastic Recycling Conference, awarded the cover feature of Plastics in Packaging Magazine. Recycling clamshells

In 2015, Dordan published it's final report on plastic clamshell recycling, Postconsumer PET Thermoformed Containers: Recyclable vs. Recycled. This report was featured on the cover of Plastics in Packaging Magazine and described how clamshells are collected for recycling and recycled today.

Clamshell recycling

Dordan's Recycling Reports:

2010 Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report

2013 Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report

2015 Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report