Thermoformed POP Display Trays

Thermoformed POP (point-of-purchase) display trays are designed to securely hold and showcase consumer products at retail. Used for in-store promotional marketing, POP trays engage consumers at the point-of-purchase, facilitating an intentional and branded consumer experience.


Thermoformed POP display tray

POP Tray Designer and Manufacturer:

In house POP tray design, tooling, and manufacturing, with 60-years experience.
  • Thermoformed POP display trays are available in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes, maintaining brand identity and consistency.

  • Dordan engineers its display trays in solid model NX, providing engineering drawings and photorealistic renderings. Photo realistic renderings communicate to the customer the shelf impact of the POP tray design.

  • Dordan can thermoform POP display trays up to 30" x 36" x 5.5"; material ranging in thickness from 0.010" - 0.80."

  • Plastic POP trays can be made of recycled plastic; they are reusable and durable.

  • Custom cavitation with snap-fit and anti-rotation features orient products to ensure retail presentation is as intended.

  • No assembly is required, contrary to the paperboard/chip board alternatives.

  • Plastic POP trays can be designed to work with other retail packaging elements, like cartons, acrylic casings, etc.