Plastic Bifolds

Plastic bifolds from Dordan Manufacturing offer all of the benefits of thermoformed clamshells with an added feature: A second hinge is included on the plastic package, creating a completely flat bottom. This design feature allows the plastic bifold to stand, affording greater stability than a footed clamshell package.


Plastic bifold

The triangular shape of the plastic bifold allows for a unique shelf impact; the lightweight and versatile nature offers retailers display flexibility; and, its custom design facilitates ease of fulfillment by assemblers.


Easy-open features are available, which eliminate secondary sealing operations and enhance the consumer opening experience.

Dordan has 60-years experience designing and manufacturing plastic bifold packaging. Dordan is an engineering-based, full service plastic bifold designer and manufacturer, offering all bifold design, tooling, and thermoforming in house. This integration between bifold packaging design and manufacture allows for the production of high quality plastic bifolds in quick turnaround at competitive pricing.