New Packaging Digest Article: Cleanyst, the intersection of sustainability and ecommerce optimization

Posted by Chandler Slavin Apr 18, 2018 2:44:56 PM

Hello, my sustainable packaging friends!

Learn how reusable packaging platform Cleanyst intends to revolutionize the health and cleaning products industries in my new article for Packaging Digest. Titled "Cleanyst: The Intersection of Sustainability and Ecommerce," this article describes how consumers can make anything from surface cleaner to shampoo at home via concentrates and a mixing appliance, reducing water weight and packaging materials throughout the supply chain.

Cleanyst Co-Founder & CEO Nick Gunia is presenting on his product development journey next week in San Francisco at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition's SPC Impact conference. Hope to see you there!

Cleanyst Appliance 16inch  3-2018.78

Above: Cleanyst rendering 

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