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About Dordan Manufacturing

Company Profile provides an overview of our products and services in a 1-pg. PDF.

Company Presentation describes Dordan's facility and equipment, package design and tooling capabilities, thermoforming, quality control, and cleanroom manufacturing.

Medical Packaging Profile discusses Dordan's medical packaging design and cleanroom manufacturing services in a 1-pg. PDF.

Engineering, Tooling, & Manufacturing Snap Shots offers specifics on our core capabilities in three slides.

Dunnage Tray Benefits explains the value that dunnage trays offer shipping and assembly operations.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Dordan Healthcare Packaging Proposal describes how Dordan developed a clamshell series that allowed for supply chain efficiencies and optimized the end user's experience for a GI product manufacturer.

About Thermoform Pricing

All pricing structures, below, discuss the factors that impact thermoform pricing.

Thermoform Packaging Pricing Structure

Medical Packaging Pricing Structure

Thermoformed Dunnage Tray Pricing Structure

Plastic Insert Tray Pricing Structure

Clamshell Packaging Pricing Structure

Blister Packaging Pricing Structure

About Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Plastics for Thermoforming Report

How to Assess Sustainable Packaging

Dordan's 2010 Clamshell Recycling Report

Dordan's 2013 Clamshell Recycling Report

Dordan's 2015 Clamshell Recycling Report