Thermoform Prototyping

  • Dordan develops thermoform prototypes in house for customer review and approval prior to machining the production tooling.

Machining thermoform tooling

Dordan Prototyping Features

  • Thermoform prototypes are intended to demonstrate part form, fit, and function.

  • The same team of engineers that develop the thermoform design also produce the NX CAM/CNC machined prototype tooling.

  • Prototypes are a 1-up mold of the multiple-up, production thermoform tooling.

  • Upon prototype approval, the proved out tool-paths are replicated for machining the production tooling (step and repeat). This eliminates the potential for translation errors between the NX thermoform design and production tooling.

  • Prototyping is included in the cost of Dordan's thermoform tooling as it is a required step in the thermoform development process; it includes 6-8 thermoformed samples that are sent to the client to assess part performance. Should the prototypes not perform as intended, they will be revised accordingly until they meet our customers' expectations.