Retail Packaging

Retail PackagingSelling product at retail requires attractive and efficient packaging:

Packaging that communicates the product value to the consumer and gets the product safely from the point of fulfillment through distribution and into the hands of the consumer.

Thermoformed packaging like plastic clamshells, blisters, and trays, is an effective and attractive solution for protecting and selling consumer product goods at retail.

In a study by Clemson University, it was found that transparent clamshell packaging facilitated more product sales when compared to the same products being packaged in paperboard containers. Download the eyetracking whitepaper.

Dordan Manufacturing has 60-years designing and manufacturing custom thermoformed packaging solutions for retail.

Retail Packaging Solutions:

  • Plastic clamshells are a lightweight, versatile (hang, attach, stand), and pilferage-proof medium for protecting and selling consumer product goods at retail.

  • Plastic insert trays are designed to protect and showcase consumer product goods at retail. Slip inside a paperboard or plastic carton or container for a popular retail packaging solution.

  • Trapped blister packaging, where a thermoformed plastic blister is sandwiched between two sheets of paperboard and sealed via heat or pressure, is a packaging format appreciated by Big Box retailers.

  • Plastic blisters are an affordable and easy way to display and protect small/lightweight consumer products at retail.

  • Point-of-purchase display trays are designed to showcase consumer product goods at retail. Intended for promotional and/or seasonal marketing that engages consumers at the point-of-purchase, POP display trays enhance the interaction between consumers and products.

  • Bifold packaging is like clamshell packaging but has an extra hinge allowing for a completely flat bottom. This allows the product to stand at retail while showcasing the product from all sides.


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