Custom Thermoformed Trays

Designers and thermoformers of custom plastic trays since 1962.

Custom thermoformed plastic trays provide retail and OEM packaging solutions: Plastic insert trays protect, orient, and display retail products; dunnage trays facilitate shipping, assembly, and manufacturing efficiencies.

Plastic insert tray

Thermoformed Tray Benefits

Protect your product with thermoformed plastic trays.

  • Thermoformed dunnage trays safely move products and components throughout the supply chain. Designed for automated or manual handling, dunnage trays are a robust, reusable, and cost-effective solution for shipping, assembly, and manufacturing operations. 

  • Plastic insert trays securely hold products for aesthetic placement; offer pack-out efficiencies; and, optimize the consumer opening and product removal experience.

  • POP display trays offer an in-store, branded consumer interaction at the point-of-purchase.

  • Medical handling trays manufactured in Dordan's cleanroom provide shipping and assembly solutions for medical devices.


Thermoform Tray Design & Manufacturing

ISO certified custom plastic tray engineering, tooling, and thermoforming.

  • Dordan is a full service thermoform tray supplier with in house package design, tooling, manufacturing, and cleanroom thermoforming.

  • The same team of engineers that develop the Solid Model NX tray design also produce the NX CAD/CNC machined aluminum tooling; this integration between design and tooling results in the production of high-performing thermoformed tray packaging in quick turnaround at competitive pricing.

  • Dordan has 12 thin-gauge, inline plastics thermoforming machines for manufacturing plastic tray packaging. Dordan's thermoformers are fitted with robotics and custom end-of-arm tooling, automatically stripping formed trays for manufacturing efficiency.

  • Dordan's ISO 9001:2015 quality management system informs the entire thermoform tray development and production process: Diligent and transparent documentation with robust and comprehensive quality control procedures facilitate continuous process improvements for the thermoformed tray packaging that Dordan produces.