Medical Component Handling Trays

Cleanroom-certified, custom thermoformers of medical handling tray solutions since 1962.

Thermoformed handling trays offer assembly, manufacturing, and shipping solutions for medical components, devices, and products. Designed to interface with automated assembly equipment, medical handling trays are a solution for efficient medical device manufacturing. 

Medical handling tray


Medical Handling Tray Designer & Manufacturer

Stack and rotate | Locating design features | Tight form and cut tolerances | Repeatability

  • Handling trays for medical device assembly require tighter-than-standard tolerances be held in order to interface consistently with automation equipment. To achieve this requirement of performance repeatability, critical tolerances must be determined at the start of the design process to ensure that the corresponding thermoform tooling produces trays that integrate successfully with automation.

  • Designed to stack and rotate, where the weight of the tray load is supported by its perimeter, handling trays protect medical components when stacked, because there is clearance between the top of the product and the bottom of the tray directly on top.

  • Formed locating features allow the handling tray to intelligently-integrate with the assembly equipment. Likewise, locating design elements act as the mechanism for the automation equipment to locate the products in the cavities.

  • Dordan's ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufactures medical handling trays that have monitored levels of particulate, as per its certification's requirements.

  • ESD medical handling trays dissipate the static charge of manufacturing, further detracting particulate from the tray surface, and protecting electronic components. 

  • Dordan is ISO 9001: 2015 certified: It uses automated optical inspection equipment of its medical handling trays to generate the CPK off which continued, and future, production runs are measured. This data is available to customers for incoming material inspection and verification.

  • Dordan is a full service medical handling tray supplier with in house thermoform design, tooling, and cleanroom manufacturing. By having all tray development capabilities under one roof, Dordan thermoforms thoughtfully-engineered medical handling tray solutions that meet our customers' expectations for quality, performance, and cost.