Dordan's Sustainability Coordinator, Chandler Slavin, is an expert in the field of sustainable packaging. The former co-lead of the PET subcommittee for Walmart Canada, Slavin helped facilitate the inclusion of thermoformed packaging in the recycling infrastructure in North America. Publishing three reports from 2010-2015, Slavin has been awarded the cover features of Green Manufacturer and Plastics Technology Magazines for her efforts to recycle clamshell packaging. Slavin is a contributing writer to Packaging Digest on sustainable packaging, a sustainable packaging researcher, and manages all of Dordan's sustainability initiatives.

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Above photo: Dordan's Sustainability Coordinator, Chandler Slavin

Sustainable Packaging Tools:

  • Dordan subscribed to a packaging life cycle modeling tool, which allowed us to quantify the environmental costs of different packaging types in the design phase. Slavin is well versed in the available tools for assessing sustainable packaging, and helps its clients select the best sustainable packaging assessment tool for their sustainable business strategy. 

  • Dordan developed a Bio Resin Show N Tell, which was an overview of the available bio-based, biodegradable, compostable, and otherwise "green" plastics on the market.

  • Dordan offers sustainable packaging consulting for those investigating sustainable packaging solutions. Register for a free sustainable packaging consultation

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Dordan Sustainability Initiatives:

Dordan is working towards zero-waste to landfill with the following efforts:

  • All plastic scrap is ground onsite and returned to the plastics supplier, which re-extrudes the plastic flake into post-industrial plastic, thereby closing the loop;

  • All aluminum scrap from our tool and die shop is collected and recycled;

  • All material cores are collected and recycled; 

  • All skids are made from recycled material and are collected for recycling;

  • All office waste is recycled.

Dordan is implementing more energy efficient lighting fixtures throughout its facility and working with energy providers to diversify its electrical consumption sources.