Frequently Asked Questions

What is plastics thermoforming?

Thin gauge plastics thermoforming is a conversion process where roll fed plastic sheet is heated to a pliable temperature, formed to a specific shape in a thermoform tool via vacuum, air, and pressure; then, die cut to create rigid plastic packaging like clamshells, blisters, trays, and components. The thermoformed packages are then stripped from the plastic web, stacked, checked for quality, and packed for shipment to the customer.


Dordan Laser Cut V3(1)


Above: Video of robot stripping thermoformed packaging at Dordan Manufacturing

What are the applications for thermoformed packaging? 

What types of plastic materials do you thermoform?

100% post-consumer RPET (varying concentrations of post-consumer content available), post-industrial RPET, APET/PETE, PETG, RPETG, anti-stat/ESD materials, PVC, PS, ABS, PP, PE, HIPS, RHIPS, HDPE, RHDPE, LDPE, FDA certified materials, including medical grade, bio-based and compostable materials, freezer proof materials, flocked materials (custom color matching available), and color matched virgin and reprocessed materials.

What end markets does Dordan provide custom thermoformed packaging solutions to?

Dordan provides custom thermoformed packaging and components to the medical, healthcare, automotive, retail, cosmetics, electronics, and industrial end markets. 

Does Dordan provide food packaging?

Dordan offers direct food-contact thermoformed packaging utilizing FDA-certified materials, and non-direct food contact thermoformed packaging.

Does Dordan have a cleanroom for manufacturing medical packaging?

Dordan has an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for manufacturing medical packaging. Equipped with 2019 Kiefel Speedformers utilizing best-in-class automated forming, cutting, and stripping stations, Dordan provides medical packaging trays, surgical, procedural, and diagnostic kits and containers, medical clamshells, pharmaceutical blisters, and medical component dunnage and shipping trays.


Cleanroom packaging

Above photo: Dordan's cleanroom for manufacturing medical packaging

Where is Dordan located?

Dordan is located in Woodstock, IL. All packaging design, tooling, thermoforming, and medical packaging is done in house. This integration allows for the production of consistently high quality thermoformed packaging in quick turnaround at competitive pricing.

Does Dordan offer easy-open clamshell packaging?

Yes, Dordan offers easy-open clamshell packaging.

Does Dordan Manufacturing manage inventory?

Dordan offers vendor managed inventory.

Does Dordan design and machine its own thermoform tooling?

All plastic thermoforming tools, prototype and production, are NX CAM/CNC produced out of aircraft-quality aluminum in house. The same team of packaging engineers that develop the thermoform design also create the production tooling, allowing for more intelligent quality control as there are no software and machining translation errors between thermoform design and production.

Thermoform tooling

Above photo: CNC machine in Dordan's tool room 

What type of thermoform packaging designs does Dordan offer?

Dordan develops Solid Model NX thermoform engineering drawings, photorealistic renderings, and prototypes. Dordan is proficient with importing/exporting a variety of engineering files and formats. Dordan's packaging engineers create custom thermoform designs from scratch, collaborate with customers to modify/enhance existing thermoform designs, and replicates thermoform designs.

What size is Dordan Manufacturing?

Dordan Manufacturing is a 50,000 square-foot facility equipped with 12 thermoforming machines that have the capacity to convert 80-million pounds of material annually; an ISO Class 8 cleanroom with 2019 Kiefel Speedformers for manufacturing medical device packaging; an in house tool and die shop with 4 VF Series CNC machining centers; end-of-line automated stripping and stacking robotics; and, warehousing for vendor managed inventory.

Photo 10-1

Above photo: Dordan's plastic thermoforming machines

Does Dordan have a certified Quality Management System?

Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, manufacture, and distribution of custom thermoformed products and packaging.