Thermoformed Dunnage Trays

Facilitate assembly and shipping solutions with dunnage trays from Dordan. 

Thermoformed dunnage are highly-engineered packaging solutions for product assembly and distribution. Dordan has 60-years experience designing and manufacturing dunnage trays.

Thermoformed dunnage tray

Dordan provides all dunnage tray design, tooling, production, and cleanroom manufacturing in house, allowing for the production of high quality dunnage trays in quick turnaround at competitive pricing.


Dunnage Tray Applications

Automate | Assemble | Work in Process | Ship

  • Thermoformed assembly trays are designed to interface with automated assembly equipment, acting as a critical component to the successful manufacture of the product: Colored dunnage trays can interface with robotic eyes; formed locators on the tray can orient the robot for pick-and-place operations; and, tight form and die cut tolerances can be maintained for successful integration into highly engineered automated platforms.

  • Thermoformed work-in-process trays protect and safely move product from work station to work station within a facility.

  • Thermoformed shipping trays protect and transport products throughout the supply chain: Stack and rotate design features allow the weight of the loaded product to be supported by the tray perimeter when stacked; this provides superior product protection and dense pack-outs for distribution and use.

  • Cleanroom dunnage trays minimize the level of particulate introduced, keeping sensitive electronics and medical devices and components clean for material handling operations and distribution.

Dordan is a third-generation, family-owned and operated custom thermoform designer and manufacturer. ISO 9001:2015 certified, Dordan specializes in the production of consistently high quality thermoformed packaging solutions in quick turnaround at competitive pricing. 


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ESD dunnage tray