Medical Device Tray Packaging

Protect and maintain the safety and effectiveness of medical devices with medical tray packaging from Dordan.

Thermoformed medical trays, with Tyvek or other substrate lidstock, is the premier packaging solution for sterile medical products. Plastic medical trays hold, protect, & keep safe devices; are easy to load, seal, and sterilize; and, are the preferred packaging style by healthcare practitioners for an intuitive opening & device removal experience.

Medical device tray packaging


Medical Tray Packaging Features

Family-owned custom thermoform tray designers and manufacturers since 1962.

  • Raised seal flange around the perimeter of the medical tray allows for the easy application of Tyvek or other lidstock via heat sealing, prior to sterilization.

  • Heat seal tooling and lidding designed around the thermoformed tray ensures a consistent and quality seal that withstands seal-strength / dye penetration testing.

  • Medical device trays can also be placed inside a Tyvek pouch prior to sterilization, eliminating the need for heat seal tooling, while creating a sterile barrier.

  • Medical PETG, clear or blue tint, allows for a clean die cut and superior form. Minimum recommended material thickness of 0.030" to allow for a consistent seal, considering stacked tolerances.

  • Press fit, friction fit, and/or snap fit features secure the medical device in the thermoformed tray.

  • Finger access allows for ease of device removal by the healthcare practitioner.

  • Peel tabs on the tray exterior allow for intuitive opening of the sealed package

  • Pragmatic tag design in the stainless steel die (notches in die to carry the formed part into the die cutting station), and heated die cutting, allows for the production of clean edges.


Medical Device Tray Designer & Manufacturer

In house design, tooling, and cleanroom-certified thermoforming

  • All medical tray packaging is designed by Dordan, where the same of packaging engineers also develop the NX CAM/CNC stainless steel thermoform tooling. Full service integration between design, tooling, and production allows for the quick turnaround of cost-competitive medical tray packaging that meets our customers' requirements for performance and quality.

  • Dordan's ISO Class 8 cleanroom monitors, manages, and minimizes the level of particulate in the medical tray manufacturing environment, per the certification's requirements. It is a fully enclosed and complete hardwall construction cleanroom, with a cascading airflow design that works to continuously eject air from the cleanroom to the exterior facility. The cleanroom operating procedure informs all quality control protocols, including medical tray inspection, documentation, and statistical analysis of production part performance.

  • Dordan utilizes automated optical inspection equipment to rapidly determine the thermoforming process capabilities to determine the CPK as the benchmark for continued production.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, manufacture, and distribution of thermoformed packaging, Dordan employs a risk-based approach to medical tray design and production to facilitate continuous process improvements that save its customers time and money

  • Dordan is ISO 13485:2016 certified for the design, manufacture, and distribution of custom medical thermoformed packaging.