Thermoformed Procedural & Surgical Kits 

Family-owned custom plastics thermoforming company since 1962.

Medical procedural trays and kits provide operational efficiencies by streamlining the medical practitioner's workflow, as all the instruments needed to perform the operation are included in the kit. Intuitive product placement and orientation caters to the needs of the end user, while finger access allows for ease of product removal.

surgical kit


Surgical and Procedural Tray & Kit Benefits

Protect, orient, and organize medical devices to streamline the surgical procedure.

  • Surgical kits can include a thermoformed tray and thermoformed snap-on and/or press-fit lid. Having a thermoform tray and lid design allows for ease of fulfillment, as no secondary sealing operations are required. This medical kit design is ideal for products that do not require sterilization.

  • Procedural kits can be comprised of a thermoformed tray and lid inside a Tyvek pouch. This kit design is good for customers who require sterilization, but do not want to invest in heat seal tooling and lidding.

  • Medical procedure kits can include a thermoformed tray heat-sealed to Tyvek or other substrate lidding. This design facilitates quick and easy opening by the healthcare professional.

  • All procedural and surgical trays and kits can include press fit, friction fit, and/or snap fit features to secure the products and components in the tray; and, finger access allows for ease of product removal by the healthcare practitioner.

  • All cleanroom-produced medical trays and kits maintain tight forming and cutting tolerances, and heated stainless steel dies with pragmatic tag design allows for clean cutting, reducing sharp edges.


Medical Procedural Kit Designer and Manufacturer 

In house design, tooling, and cleanroom-certified manufacturing of medical trays and kits.

  • Dordan is a full service surgical kit designer and manufacturer, with in house packaging design, tooling, and cleanroom thermoforming.

  • The same team of packaging engineers that develop the kit design also produce the NX CAM/CNC-machined stainless steel tooling. This control over the entire medical kit development process eliminates any machining and software translation issues between design and production, mitigating potential thermoforming challenges.

  • Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 certified and employs a risk-based approach to medical procedure kit design and manufacturing, offering continuous process improvements that save time and money.

  • Dordan is ISO 13485:2016 certified for the design, manufacture, and distribution of custom thermoformed medical packaging.


  • Dordan has a fully enclosed and complete hardwall contruction ISO Class 8 certified cleanroom for manufacturing surgical procedure kits and trays. It's cleanroom monitors and minimizes particulate and biological agents, ensuring that the medical kits produced meet the safety and quality requirements of its customers.

  • Dordan uses automated optical inspection equipment to determine the thermoforming process capabilities. This data is provided to customers to confirm that the incoming surgical procedure kits meet the established CPK.