Medical Blister Packaging

Cleanroom-certified, plastic blister manufacturer of medical and pharmaceutical blister packaging.

Pharmaceutical plastic blisters provide a sterile barrier for oral drugs, topical medicines, and various drug formulations. When sealed to a protective barrier lidstock, plastic blister packaging protects pharmaceutical products, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and efficacy from the point of fulfillment through consumer access.

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Pharmaceutical Blister Benefits

Maintaining tight tolerances for consistent-repeatability of form, fit, and function.

  • Heated, stainless-steel cutting dies with automated stripping and stacking modules cleanly and efficiently cut formed medical blisters from the plastic web during the thermoforming process.

  • Strategic tag placement on the cutting die reduces the density and interference of plastic tags on the plastic blister exterior, which allows for a safer handling experience by the end user. 

  • Because of the low profile of pharmaceutical blister packaging, formed locators in the production tooling guide the die to the formed blister, allowing for consistent die cutting tolerances.

  • Specifications for cavity-to-cavity and form-to-cut are continuously measured, monitored, and recorded during the medical blister manufacturing process.  


Medical Blister Designer & Manufacturer

Third-generation, family-owned thermoformer with in house design, tooling, & manufacturing.

  • Dordan is a fully-integrated, pharmaceutical blister packaging supplier, providing in house thermoform design, tooling, and ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing.This complete control over the medical blister development process mitigates potential thermoforming challenges, allowing for the production of consistently high quality plastic blister packaging.

  • Dordan's ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system takes a risk-based approach to design and manufacturing, working to provoke continuous process improvements that save time and money. 

  • Dordans cleanroom works to reduce exposure to particulate and biological agents during the plastic blister thermoforming process to meet its customers' requirements for packaging cleanliness and safety. 

  • Dordan utilizes automated optical inspection equipment to rapidly determine process capabilities as the benchmark for continued and future production. It's documentation is diligent, and Dordan provides its CPK analysis to customers for incoming material inspection.