Plastic Clamshells / Bifolds

Protect and showcase products with clamshell packaging from Dordan.

Thermoformed plastic clamshells and bifolds are rigid plastic containers that organize, display, and protect products. They are hinged, opening and closing like a book, and snap closed via drafted platforms. 

Plastic clamshellsPlastic clamshells for retail offer complete product visibility, making it easy for consumers to understand the product and its benefits. Retail clamshells can include hang-holes for hook display, and formed feet to allow the package to stand on a shelf. Pilferage-proof and transparent, clamshell packaging has long been regarded as the standard in consumer product packaging.


Plastic bifolds offer all of the benefits of thermoformed clamshells with an added feature: A second hinge is included on the plastic package, creating a completely flat bottom. This design feature allows the plastic bifold to stand, affording greater stability than a footed clamshell package.

Plastic Clamshell Features

Pilferage-proof and fully-transparent, clamshells provide superior product protection and visibility.  

  • Plastic clamshells are lightweight and easy to fulfill, providing loading and shipping efficiencies.

  • Plastic clamshells can hang or stand at retail, optimizing shelf space.

  • Clamshells can incorporate a blister card insert, which includes all of the product information, while not obscuring the visibility of the product itself.

  • Plastic clamshells can be made of recycled content. Learn about our efforts to make clamshells recyclable.

  • Dordan offers clamshells made from electrostatic-discharge materials (ESD materials) that reduce static electricity to protect sensitive electronic products and components.

  • Dordan has an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for the production of clamshell packaging that requires controlled levels of particulate (medical products and sensitive electronics).


Dordan is a full-service clamshell designer and manufacturer, offering all plastic clamshell design, tooling, and thermoforming in house. This integration between thermoform clamshell design and manufacture allows for the production of consistently high quality clamshell packaging in quick turnaround at competitive pricing. Family owned and operated since 1962, Dordan is an expert in clamshell design and production.

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