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My New Packaging Digest Article on SustPack17 Keynote: Let's 'Do' Sustainable Packaging; Imagination Converts Ideas to Action

Posted by Chandler Slavin Mar 29, 2017 10:38:11 AM

Hey guys!

My new article for Packaging Digest-- interview with SustPack17 keynote Adam Montandon-- was published yesterday! Titled "Let's 'do' sustainability: Imagination converts idea to action," it describes the take-aways from my 2+ hour Skype interview with Mr. Montandon. He's a hoot! I think that a lot of people have a hard time applying the Big Ideas of Sustainability to packaging, so his keynote will be a good introduction to what SUSTPACK17 has to offer; that is, real companies doing real sustainable packaging. I could definantely use a morale boost on sustainability right now and I think SustPack17 will be just the ticket! What is more inspiring than companies sharing how they are doing sustainable packaging-- not because it is the trend or they are being ordered to do so-- but because it makes good business, and societal, sense.

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