Nuts & Bolts of Dordan Manufacturing

Posted by Chandler Slavin on May 23, 2023 7:32:50 AM

Dordan Manufacturing is a full service packaging designer and manufacture of thermoformed packaging solutions like clamshells, dunnage trays, and medical packaging. We have in house package design, prototyping, tooling, thermoforming, and cleanroom manufacturing.

Dordan is a third generation, privately held family company based outside Chicago that has been manufacturing custom thermoformed packaging since 1962. Get a short overview of our products and services below. 

Third-generation siblings and owners, Chandler (left) and Aric Slavin 

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How to develop medical device trays & blister packaging

Posted by Chandler Slavin on May 9, 2023 8:25:49 AM

Medical device trays protect and keep clean medical devices. When sealed to Tyvek lidding and sterilized, medical trays and blisters maintain the safety and efficacy of the device. Here are the main design considerations when developing medical device packaging.

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What to know when developing thermoformed dunnage trays

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Apr 21, 2023 10:44:14 AM

Thermoformed dunnage trays protect, secure, and orient products during automated or manual part assembly, shipping, and storage. While each plastic dunnage tray is custom designed, there are shared design features. These include: Tray size/parts per tray; stack & rotate, denests, and hand access design features; automation; and material type and thickness.

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Photos: Medical packaging types & applications

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Mar 7, 2023 2:23:26 PM

The function of medical packaging is to maintain the safety and efficacy of medical devices and can come in many forms. The two most popular are thermoformed trays with Tyvek lidding and Tyvek pouches. Thermoformed packaging for medical devices offers enhanced product protection, security, organization; and, facilitates a positive end-user opening experience when compared to pouches. 

Dordan is a designer and manufacturer of medical packaging like medical device trays, blistersclamshells, and handling trays. Below are photos of our work with details on design features, application, and material type. 

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Free MD&M West registration from Dordan

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jan 6, 2023 9:37:49 AM

Register to attend Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) in Anaheim, CA, Feb. 7-9th for free with Dordan's exhibitor complimentary registration code.

To register, click here, and enter our promo code, MYGUEST335.

MD&M West is the premier west coast event for the medical industry, bringing together thought leaders from across the supply chain to discuss trends, opportunities, and challenges in the medtech space.

Dordan Manufacturing designs and manufacturers thermoformed packaging for the medical industry, specializing in medical tray and blister packaging, surgical and procedural kits, and dunnage trays for shipping and/or automated assembly operations.

Please visit us at MD&M West, booth #335. We'll be displaying over 30 new medical packaging products and hope to provide insight to attendees on how to develop thermoformed medical packaging.

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Dordan to display 30+ new medical packaging designs @MD&M West

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 6, 2022 8:04:26 AM

Anaheim, CA, February 7-9th—Dordan Manufacturing, a medical packaging designer and manufacturer, to educate MD&M West attendees on what to know when developing thermoformed medical packaging in an interactive display of over 30 new medical packaging designs, booth #335.

Dordan is a 60-years-old thermoforming company that committed to manufacturing packaging for sterile medical products and devices in 2018 with the certification of its ISO Class 8 cleanroom. Since this and while weathering COVID, Dordan was able to develop dozens of new thermoformed medical packaging solutions for an array of medical device OEM’s and their supply chain partners.

The medical packaging types to be on display at Dordan’s booth #335 include: Medical device trays for heat sealing; medical blisters and automation considerations; surgical and procedural kits; and, sub-component medical assembly trays for automated and manual handling operations.

Show attendees are encouraged to interact with Dordan’s packaging and booth staff to learn about medical packaging materials and thicknesses, critical design features, tooling and manufacturing capabilities, and quality control requirements.

Dordan President & CEO, Daniel Slavin, comments:

“We are excited to display our new medical packaging at MD&M West and hope that show attendees will take advantage of our 60 years of thermoforming experience to gain insight into how to develop thermoformed medical packaging.”

Dordan's CMO Chandler Slavin-Bond displays a medical device tray at Dordan's booth at MD&M in 2019.


Dordan Manufacturing is a full service custom thermoformer of medical packaging with in house package design and engineering, tooling, plastics thermoforming, and cleanroom manufacturing of medical packaging. Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with Cleanrooms meeting ISO 14644 Air Cleanliness Standards.

Medical Design and Manufacturing West is a conference and expo held in Anaheim, CA, February 7-9, 2023. It works to bring together decision makers across the medical supply chain to foster collaboration and innovation.

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Dordan nominated for Chicagoland Business Champion Award

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Oct 25, 2022 10:23:48 AM

Dordan Manufacturing has been nominated for the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation's (MCEDC) Business Champion Awards!

The MCEDC is a private/public partnership that works to support and develop the economic vitality of McHenry County, which includes 10 cities located in the greater Northern Illinois region.

Dordan was nominated for the award by anonymous members of the local business community and has since been reviewed by an independent board of business and educational professionals. The Business Champion Award recipient will be announced at MCEDC's Annual Gala on November 1st.

When asked what makes Dordan different during the nominee screening process, President & CEO Daniel Slavin comments:

"We are a third generation family owned and privately held company. Since 1962, Dordan has made continuous investments to allow for sustainable, long-term growth. This is contrary to the plastics industry, which has witnessed market consolidation fueled by private equity, favoring short-term results over long-term growth. As a privately held company, Dordan maintains the corporate culture, values, and priorities of its founding; and, is able to focus 100% on its core capabilities of package design and custom thermoforming. This is in opposition to those entities resulting from M&As that re-prioritize and modify products and services to gain more market share, compromising quality and reputation."

On October 19th, Dordan celebrated its 60th anniversary, making 2022 a special year for the custom thermoforming company. To meet the growing demands of its customer base, Dordan hired another packaging engineer and quality control technician to support the company's engineering and quality control departments.

Looking ahead to 2023, Daniel explains that the company has committed to achieving ISO 13485 certification for medical product and component manufacturing. As an existing supplier of medical tray packaging with an ISO class 8 cleanroom, Dordan’s dedication to implementing this new quality management system reflects its adherence to long term and sustainable growth. The certification will allow for increased market penetration, further positioning the thermoformer as a premier medical packaging manufacturer. 

Dordan is grateful for the opportunity to be considered as this year's Business Champion and eagerly awaits the award ceremony. Pictures to follow!

Siblings and company principals, Chandler and Aric, in front of Dordan Manufacturing

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Photos: Games & raffles abound at Dordan as 60th anniversary nears

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Oct 13, 2022 9:22:58 AM

Dordan Manufacturing, a custom thermoformer of packaging, gears up this week as its 60th anniversary fast approaches. Daily games reward winners with tokens of the company's affection, like gift cards and baskets. The anniversary on October 19th and the following celebrations are timely, as all need a period of levity after this years' manufacturing challenges.

Below are some photos from the daily festivities. There are many smiling faces, so enjoy!

Quality Manager holds spinner for Tooling Technician to determine his good fortune.

Dordan GM prepares to draw the winning raffle ticket

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Local newspapers report on Dordan's 60th anniversary

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Sep 19, 2022 8:09:24 AM

Dordan Manufacturing is based in Woodstock, IL. Local newspaper, the Woodstock Independent, published an article that highlights the custom thermoformer's progression over the last 60-years. 

The Northwest Herald, a McHenry County based publication, likewise published an article about Dordan's 60th anniversary, available here.

Dordan is a packaging design and manufacturing company that is third-generation family-owned and operated. Dordan began in Chicago, moving to Woodstock, IL, in the mid 1990s. The thermoforming company specializes in developing packaging like plastic trays, blisters, and clamshells, for the automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer end markets. 

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Photos: Notable thermoformed packaging over the last 60 years

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Sep 14, 2022 11:09:51 AM

Dordan has been designing custom thermoformed packaging since 1962, manufacturing packaging for electronics, automotive, medical, and consumer products. Over the last 60 years, market demands for thermoformed packaging have evolved in response to larger economic shifts and technological advancements. As a custom thermoformer, Dordan has evolved alongside these market shifts, as shown by the images below. Enjoy your walk through thermoforming time!

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