Cleanroom Thermoforming

Dordan's 2019 fully enclosed and complete hardwall construction ISO Class 8 Cleanroom thermoforms medical packaging solutions like medical device trays, medical clamshells and blisters, and surgical kits.

Medical thermoforming

Dordan's cleanroom for manufacturing medical packaging


Dordan's cleanroom is fitted with 2019 Kiefel Speedformers equipped with best-in-class automated forming, cutting, and stripping stations. ISO 9001:2015 certified, Dordan offers customizable QC standards, including, but not limited to: first article validation procedures, small-volume validation runs, process validation procedures (IQ/OQ/PQ), and PPAPs. Dordan's cleanroom standard operating procedure strives to minimize, monitor, and manage the level of particulate as per ISO Class 8 Cleanroom requirements.

With 60-years custom thermoforming, Dordan applies its thermoform packaging design and manufacturing excellence to the production of high quality and highly-engineered thermoformed medical packaging solutions.

Thermoformed Medical Packaging Solutions:

Cleanroom quality control

QC inspects medical tray for compliance with customer's CPK target

Cleanroom thermoforming

Cleanroom Production Manager programs thermoformer