Download 2013 Thermoformed Packaging Recycling Report

In 2013, thermoformed packaging became recyclable in America. Learn how in this report.

Three years after publishing 2010 Recycling Report, PET thermoformed containers like plastic clamshells are now recyclable. Learn how the industry collaborated to overcome the barriers to PET thermoform recycling in this report.Report includes:

  • Interviews and commentary from recycling thought leaders and PET stakeholders 

  • Description of progress in post-consumer PET thermoform recycling

  • Explanation of how the technical barriers to recycling PC PET thermoforms were overcome

  • Introduction to Extended Producer Responsibility and Volunteer Producer Responsibility in the context of packaging recovery in America.

Clamshell recycling

Plastics in Packaging reports on Dordan's efforts to make clamshells recyclable