Dordan Donates to Woodstock Mural Project

Posted by Chandler Slavin on May 25, 2017 10:38:13 AM

Hey guys!

Dordan is located in Woodstock, IL, and is proud to donate to the Woodstock Mural Project, a community-wide project that will memorialize Woodstock's cultural icons. These include Chester Gould, creator of Dick Tracy; producer/actor/playwright Orson Welles; Bill Murray's Groundhog Day movie, for which Woodstock was the setting; and, the stars of the Opera House. This mural is being designed by Creative Designer Michael Stanard of OneZeroCharlie, and painted by hand on Woodstock's Main Street pedway. The project will include a sculpture garden featuring a lifelike statue of Orson Welles. It will be 118 feet long and 15 feet high!

Here are renderings of the mural's sections:

Chester Gould, Dick Tracy.png

Stars of the Opera House.png
Orson Welles.png

Groundhog Day-1.png

And here is what the mural is anticipated to look like IRL:

Woodstock Mural.png

Dordan is committed to making Woodstock a desirable place for people, businesses, and manufacturers.

Dordan, thermoforming in Woodstock since 1992.