Made in America article, Packaging Digest, and SUSTPACK15, oh my!

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Mar 30, 2015 9:09:00 AM

Hey guys!

My debut Packaging Digest article was published last week! While I bet you are aware of Walmart's US sourcing initiative, to learn about the progress and what that means for domestic packaging manufacturers like DORDAN follow the link below!

Walmart's Made in USA initiative bodes well for US packaging sourcing

Tomorrow I set sail for Orlando, to fulfill my dream of being a movie star! Well, being a guest reporter and journalist for Packaging Digest, but why split hairs? I get to conduct video interviews with conference presenters like friend Jason Foster Founder and Chief Reuser at Replenish. And, hear from the latest and greatest of the sustainable packaging world. It has been a minute since I attended a sustainable packaging conference, so I can't wait to brush up on the trends, innovations, and try to get a read on the overall health of the sustainable packaging industry. I wish I had a head to toe Dordan pantsuit to represent my brand, but I suppose a business casual ensemble will just have to do.

I will be tweeting updates and photos from the conference. Look for me in the Twittersphere, #SUSTPACK15 @DordanMfg