Health, Beauty, Cosmetic Packaging

Protect, display, and sell beauty and healthcare products with custom thermoformed packaging solutions.

Thermoformed packaging lends itself to the merchandising of health and beauty products for its product protection, transparency, and performance. Plastic clamshells, blisters, and insert trays are a functional, cost effective, and classic packaging medium for selling health and beauty products.

Cosmetics thermoformed insert tray

Dordan has 60-years experience designing and manufacturing thermoformed packaging for the healthcare, beauty, and cosmetic industries. With in house package design, tooling, and production, Dordan provides high quality thermoformed packaging in quick turnaround at competitive pricing.


Packaging Solutions:

Custom health and beauty packaging thermoformers since 1962.

  • Plastic insert trays inside an outer container or carton protect and showcase health and beauty products. Plastic insert trays are popular for holiday gift sets for cosmetics and fragrances.

  • Plastic clamshells are easy to load, don't require secondary sealing, offer pilferage protection, and product transparency. Plastic clamshells increase product sales, when compared to paperboard cartons, according to an eyetracking study performed by Clemson University. Learn about the retail-simulated, eyetracking study here.

  • Plastic blisters, adhered to a paperboard backing, provide affordable merchandising for small and lightweight health, beauty, and cosmetics at retail.

  • Pharmaceutical blisters and medical packaging keep healthcare products safe and clean.

  • Plastic clamshells, blisters, and insert trays can be made of up to 100% post-consumer RPET plastic. PET thermoformed containers are recyclable, insofar as the majority of communities have access to facilities that collect them for recycling (*check locally). Learn more about Dordan's sustainable packaging solutions here.

Cosmetic insert tray