9 video segments from sustainable packaging podcast w/Mfg. Alliance

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jan 5, 2022 9:04:31 AM

I sat down with the Manufacturing Alliance Podcast creator and producer, Tony Demakis, to discuss sustainable packaging in an hour-long podcast that aired last month. Topics covered include life cycle analysis, the New Plastics Economy, ocean trash, and more.

I have since created 9 short segments from the podcast, with no clip being longer then 2 minutes. The segments are intended to be watched consecutively, but I have grouped them by subject matter should it be preferred to pick-and-choose between the segments. I have included links to the segments, below. I apologize in advance for how much I played with my hair and moved the camera 😆

Manufacturing Alliance podcast

Table of Contents:

Podcast segment 1: What is life cycle analysis, and how can we use it to understand sustainability?

Podcast segment 2: LCA of plastic vs. paper vs. reusable bags

Podcast segment 3: LCA data vs. consumer perception

Podcast segment 4: How to speak 'sustainability'

Podcast segment 5: Recycling and ocean trash

Podcast segment 6: The need to invest in our domestic recycling infrastructure

Podcast segment 7: Post consumer vs. post industrial recycling

Podcast segment 8: Extended producer responsibility

Podcast segment 9: How to hold those most responsible for climate change accountable