Dordan in Plastics Today on Thermoforming Advancements

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 8, 2023 9:46:50 AM

Dordan is featured in Plastics Today's article on developments in thermoforming, which compares the cost, trends, and applications of heavy-gauge forming, injection and blow molding, twin sheet forming, and thin gauge thermoforming.

Author Robert Grace provides the following article takeawars:

*Thermoform tooling has become more sophisticated, but costs roughly a quarter of injection mold tooling

*Advances in resins, sheet, and tooling are enabling the use of thermoforming in new applications

*Reshoring has increased demand for domestically produced thermoformed plastic trays used for automated assembly, says Dordan.

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Thermoformed containerDordan's thermoformed shoe box for Nike SB pushed the limitations of thin gauge thermoforming through the conversion of material much thicker than that which is typical for thin gauge formers. Learn about the techniques Dordan used to produce a part traditionally more approripate for sheet forming in this article from Packaging Digest.

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