Leading Ladies of Packaging Recognition

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jun 29, 2015 3:39:24 PM

Hey guys!

I have some VERY exciting news: Lisa Pierce, Executive Editor of Packaging Digest Magazine, nominated ME for the leading ladies of packaging recognition. The article came out last week and I am just writing about it now because I was just so... stunned, at the nomination and the kind words of her profile, that I didn't know how to speak about it until I marinated for a bit.

Lisa writes,

The secret to getting ahead is…giving away. When Chandler Slavin offered to help me cover (for free!) the SustPack 2015 conference—which Packaging Digest sponsors in partnership with Smithers Pira and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition—she made it obvious how we would both benefit. She would get to network with peers in her field and Packaging Digest would gain critical insights about key issues in sustainable packaging through her articles and tweets.

I nominate Chandler for our Leading Ladies of Packaging recognition for her initiative, enthusiasm and untapped potential for leadership in both thought and action.

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Whoa. " initiative, enthusiasm, and untapped potential for leadership in both thought and action?!" Dayum! Yes I have taken a week to respond to this honor and my response is "dayum."

I am so totally delighted by this recognition; it inspires me to work harder and continue to put myself out there. While I have gotten slapped on the wrist for things I've written, I would rather push the envelope and provoke engagement than not have a voice. I think in our age of hyper communication, being present and owning your voice is an intangible power that we all should exercise to do good work. The Internet democratized the flow of information and I am grateful to have been one of the many beneficiaries. What began with a 22 year-old's blog on recycling has progressed into being a contributing writing for Packaging Digest Magazine, an opportunity I cherish.

Thank you Lisa and Packaging Digest for your creativity and enthusiasm for progress and change. And congratulations to the other amazing women recognized as leading ladies of packaging.



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