Intro to New Series on Medical Device Design & Manufacturing

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Nov 12, 2018 4:54:09 PM

My family company, Dordan Manufacturing, has been designing and thermoforming plastic packaging and product solutions for almost 60 years. Our core capabilities, which we have refined over the years, are design and thermoforming excellence. We are not your typical mom and pop shop; we employ the highest quality and most sophisticated technologies, equipment, software, and talent, which allow us to cater to a variety of quality-critical end-markets.

It is therefore no coincidence that as we approach our 60th birthday, we are entering the medical device packaging market with the construction of an on-site ISO Class 8 Cleanroom. In addition to our established ISO 9001:2015 Certified quality management system, we will be pursing implementation of ISO 13485 Certification, which is the same QMS that medical devices manufacturers employ.

Decades of business have taught us that success revolves around expertise. While we are confident in our thermoforming expertise, we have much to learn about the medical device market. With a hunger for corporate evolution fed with our next-generation talent, we are working diligently to become a qualified supplier for medical device designers, manufacturers, and their supply chain partners.

To these regards, I had the good fortune of attending Medical Design & Manufacturing Minneapolis (Oct. 31-Nov 1), a trade show and knowledge hub for the industry. What follows is my synopsis of two-days of back-to-back educational sessions focusing on: R&D and product development, technical solutions, and medtech manufacturing. This content will take the form of a multiple-part blog series on advances in medical technology, with each post detailing one thought-leader’s perspective on one of the many concepts inspiring this rapidly evolving industry.MD M

Thank you for allowing me to share the expertise of others with you as Dordan works to cultivate its own expertise in designing and manufacturing thermoformed packaging solutions for the medical device industry. 


Chandler Slavin

Third-Generation Owner/Operator

Dordan Manufacturing, Inc.

Topics: Thermoformed packaging, medical device packaging, ISO 13485, medtech, medical design and manufacturing, MD&M Minneapolis