REGISTER NOW: Sustainable Manufacturer Conference

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Apr 17, 2015 1:40:00 PM

Hello world!

Guys, you have to check out the Sustainable Manufacturer Conference May 18-19th in Naperville, IL. 

This is the second annual conference produced by the Sustainable Manufacturer Network geared completely at how manufacturers can become more sustainable. Hear from companies like Method, Steelcase, Wahl Clipper and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas on how they integrate sustainability into their operations.

Learn about the "Hidden ROI of sustainability" in the keynote address from Scot Case, Vice President of Strategic Consulting at the Natural Marketing Institute.

"The hidden ROI of sustainability," you ask? 

Lots of sustainability initiatives save money.  It’s easy to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for a zero waste initiative, a more energy efficient lighting upgrade, or a more energy- or water-efficient manufacturing process.  The ROI is simple: savings over time minus expenses.

Case asks us, "What about the hidden ROI?"  Is it possible that you are failing to capture or even recognize your sustainability initiatives connections to increased sales, increased customer loyalty, or increased reputation?

Scot Case, a sustainability consultant for more than 20 years, will explore ways companies can talk about their sustainability initiatives in ways that help drive sales. Whether you are making finished goods or components that are part of a complex supply chain, the way your company talks about its sustainability initiatives can affect your bottom line.

"Oh yeah, how!?"

Register for the Sustainable Manufacturer Conference to find out.  

And hear from ME on Dordan's clamshell recycling initiative and Walmart's US sourcing initiative, which has implications for sustainability.

See the full agenda here.