Best of 2015: Dordan's most popular content

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 15, 2015 11:48:58 AM

As 2015 draws to a close, we want to take this time to reflect on highlights from the year. What was Dordan's most popular content: It's most viewed and shared blog posts, eblasts, tweets and more? What issues resonated loudest with our audience?

By reflecting on what information was most engaging, we can work to to produce more relevant, thought-leadership content for everyone's consumption. Cheers to 2016; let's eat!

Most Popular Blog Post:


How Clamshells became Recyclable and Recycled

Published in May 2015, this blog post shares the presentation I created for the Sustainable Manufacturer Conference in Naperville, IL. The focus of the presentation was on the journey of clamshell packaging from largely recycled in 2009 to collected for recycling in 2013 to actually recycled in 2015.




Molly_Morse.jpgQ&A with Dr. Molly Morse of Mango Materials on Methane-based PHA

Having met Dr. Morse briefly at SUSTPACK15 following her "packaging flash talk" session, I wanted to learn more about her company that uses methane gas as the feedstock for bioplastic PHA. This feedstock, when compared with sugar, dramatically reduces the cost structure of PHA, allowing it to compete with traditional resins in the market. How is this possible? Dr. Morse explains in Dordan's second-most viewed blog post of 2015.


Third place:


America's Next Top Model: Which model for recycling PET thermoformed containers proves best in class?

Receiving the February cover of Plastics in Packaging Magazine, Dordan's new Report discusses how not only are PET thermoformed containers collected for recycling in America, but how they are actually recycled.





Most downloaded content on

Walmart & Supply Chain Presentation

Created for the Sustainable Manufacturer Conference's panel on sustainable supply chains, this presentation describes the retailer's shift to localized supply chains with it's Made in USA Sourcing Initiative.




Most opened eblast:staying_in_shape_is_a_matter_of_form-1.jpg

Staying in Shape is a Matter of Form!

Dordan throws it back with this vintage print ad from the 1980s.







Most retweeted Tweet:ocean_debris.jpg

4 Countries Generate about Half of the Plastic Marine Debris by @DordanMfg @OurOcean





Most liked LinkedIn Post:Pack_Expo-4.jpg

Happy Birthday Pack Expo! To celebrate, my favorite Pack Expo memories!





Most watched YouTube video:LOLIWARE-3.jpg

SUSTPACK15: Interview with Chelsea Briganti, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of edible packaging company LOLIWARE