Dordan's Plastics in Packaging Cover Story LIVE!

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Aug 6, 2013 11:16:00 AM

Hey guys!

I am so excited, my NEW Recycling Report, The State of PET Thermoform Recycling: Past, Present & Future," is now live on! The issue also hit newsstands last week, ha!

I wonder how plastics processors in the UK will interpret this information being that it's a UK-based publication...They already have to abide by public policy recycling targets, so I wonder if the inquiry made in the Report (is it possible to achieve a market-driven PET recycling infrastructure independent of public policy?), is a none issue…

ANYWAY, check it out here. You can also click here to download a pdf of the cover feature.

Three cheers for PET recycling! Hip Hip, Hurray!

Thanks again for all those who contributed to this rather collaborative treatment of what's happening in the world of PET thermoform recycling!

Chandler Slavin of Dordan Manufacturing

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