Step Inside Dordan's Cleanroom @MD&M with Interactive Video

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Feb 12, 2020 8:11:50 AM

Step inside Dordan’s Cleanroom for Manufacturing Medical Packaging with an Interactive Video @MD&M

Anaheim, CA—February 11, 2020—Dordan Manufacturing, a third-generation family owned and operated custom thermoformer, invites you to step inside its cleanroom at MD&M West in an interactive video, booth# 348. The video demonstrates what considerations need to be taken for cleanroom construction to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the medical packaging being produced; and, the need to evolve business perspective to facilitate a smooth transition into medical packaging.

Dordan completed its 3,200 sq.-ft. cleanroom late 2019. A fully enclosed and complete hard wall construction, the cleanroom is located within Dordan’s facility that concurrently offers in house design, tooling, and production via 11 thermoforming lines.

Employed in the ISO Class 8 cleanroom are Keifel Speedformers with best-in-class forming, cutting and stripping stations. A cascading airflow design with separate gowning and material entry rooms ensure the minimization of particulate and potential bio burden per its cleanroom certification.

No compromises on the design, development, and construction of the new production space was made, as Dordan adopted a mentality that it felt necessary to meet the stringent needs of the medical packaging market. This perspective employed for cleanroom construction bled into Dordan’s existing design and production processes, elevating the overall quality of its products and services.

Dordan therefore found the progression into medical via cleanroom construction organic by leveraging its existing integration between design, tooling and production.

For instance, Dordan’s in house tooling means that the same team of engineers that design the packaging also produce the NX CAM/CNC machined tooling, allowing for more intelligent quality control and rapid speed to market. The risk-based approach to design and manufacturing—carried on the vehicle of ISO 9001:2015 certification—provided the foundation for its cleanroom SOPs and validation procedures.

Dordan’s interactive video shown @MD&M walks observers through the cleanroom. Specific considerations of the cleanroom’s construction will be shared, and best practices for the design and development of a cleanroom offered to those embarking on the same endeavor.

Visit Dordan at booth# 348 to see its cleanroom and learn about the process of construction.

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