In-House Thermoform Tooling

Thermoform tools are required for the production of custom thermoformed packaging like plastic clamshells, blisters, trays, and components.


Dordan is equipped with an in-house tool and die shop with three 2019 VF Series Hass CNC machining centers. All thermoform tools, prototype and production, are NX CAM/CNC produced out of aircraft-quality aluminum by the same team of packaging engineers that develop the Solid Model NX thermoform design.

Dordan offers all package design, tooling, and thermoforming in-house, affording scheduling flexibility, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, manufacture, and distribution of custom thermoformed packaging. Equipped with an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom, Dordan designs and machines thermoform tooling for medical device packaging solutions.

Thermoform designThermoform tool







Thermoform Tooling Process and Capabilities:

  • We prove out the NX CAM/CNC tool paths during the prototyping stage, replicating them (step and repeat) for the machining of the production tooling. This means that the thermoform production tooling is a multiple-up clone of the approved prototype tool. The benefit to utilizing the same CNC tool paths of the approved-prototype for the machining of the production tooling is more intelligent quality control because the tool paths have already been proved out; thus, production issues can be identified and remedied quickly, as we are able to eliminate the thermoform tool as the generator of the production issue. Plastic clamshells

  • We machine and build all thermoform production tooling and ancillary components, like assist plugs, die build-ups, locators, trim headers, etc., in-house, utilizing the same machining centers and NX CAM programming as the form tool.

  • All prototype and production tooling is measured and checked for quality before coming off the CNC by the same team of engineers that develop the Solid Model NX thermoform design. 

  • All potential thermoforming challenges like flow lines, material distribution, draw-ratios, form-to-cut tolerances, etc., are mitigated through keen insight by our packaging engineers into the interaction between thermoform design and tooling.

  • Material shrinkage is calculated into all thermoform tooling development, allowing for the production of consistently on-spec thermoformed packaging.

  • Dordan develops movable tooling components to allow for the forming and stripping of thermoformed packaging that requires aggressive undercuts.

  • Dordan offers standard steel-rule dies, matched-metal tooling, and modified steel rule dies that are designed for complex cutting operations.

  • All thermoform tooling is inventoried in our temperature-controlled warehouse and maintained to full working condition. If the die needs to be replaced, we do so at no cost to the customer.