In-House Thermoform Tooling

Theremoform tools are CNC-machined out of air-craft quality aluminum in-house at Dordan Manufacturing. Thermoform tools are required for the production of thermoformed products like plastic clamshells, blisters, trays, and components.

Dordan has 55-years experience designing and machining thermoform tools that produce quality thermoformed products and packaging. Dordan's in-house tool and die shop designs, develops, and machines production tooling and components for plastics thermoforming. The same team of engineers who design the thermoform package also develop the CNC-machined aluminum tooling on which its formed, allowing for no translation issues between softwares and machining programming. This results in more intelligent quality control and the production of quality thermoformed packaging.

Dordan offers all thermoform design, tooling, and production services under one-roof, affording scheduling flexibility, short turn-times, and competitive pricing. Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design, production and distribition of thermoformed products and packaging.


Dordan Tooling Features:

  • Design and machining software is completely intregrated between thermoform part design and CNC-machined tooling; this allows for more intelligent quality and ease of transition from packaging design concept to production thermoformed part.

  • In-house prototype & production tooling department equipped with 4 state-of-the-art CNC-machines have the ability to run 24-hours a day.

  • Trim headers, die-build up, locators and assist plugs are CNC-machined in the same way with the same design software, allowing for a total systems approach.

  • All prototype and production molds are machined out of aircraft-quality aluminum.

  • Die boards for cutting dies are burned on a CNC laser and the steel rule is applied by a precision automated machine.

  • All tooling components are finished and assembled by hand to produce quality thermoform tooling.

  • All tools are stored in Dordan's temperature controlled warehouse and maintained to spec.