Plastic Face Shields

Reduce exposure to COVID-19 with plastic face shields.

Dordan Manufacturing is producing face shields with an adjustable plastic headband strap and foam forehead strip. Face shields act as splash guards, reducing contact with aerosol propellants of bodily fluids to limit exposure to COVID-19.

Face shield engineering


Pricing & Specs

  • $1.75/shield

  • MOQ 1 carton (60 face shields)

  • Material is 0.012" clear virgin FDA PET with 1" foam strip with PSA on one side.

  • Our FDA PET face shields are recyclable. To recycle, remove foam strip from shield and dispose. Collect PET face shields with other #1 PET bottles and containers for recycling. Adhesive left on shield from foam is removed during the cleaning and reprocessing of PET flake at recycling facilities.

  • Manufactured at Dordan Manufacturing in Woodstock, IL; assembled at Dordan and distributed from Dordan. Dordan is ISO 9001:2015 certified with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for manufacturing medical packaging.