Frequently Asked Questions

What is plastics thermoforming?

Plastics thermoforming is a conversion process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or "film" when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high enough temperature that it can be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape.



What are thermoformed packages?

Plastic thermoformed packaging is thin-gauge, rigid plastic parts and containers that protect and display products at retail, facilitate assembly/production efficiencies, and serve various performance and functional requirements for many end-markets and applications.

Examples of plastic thermoformed packaging for retail include: plastic clamshells, blisters, trays, and components. Thermoformed work-in-process or dunnage trays represent another application for plastics thermoforming; here the thermoformed parts serve a functional purpose outside the merchandising of consumer products goods, like assembly or distribution efficiencies.

Plastic thermoformed packages come in all shapes and sizes and their application to protecting and displaying consumer products in an aesthetically pleasing and economically competitive way is versatile.


What types of plastic packaging materials do you thermoform?

100% post-consumer RPET, APET/PETE, PETG, RPETG, Anti-stat/ESD materials, PVC, PS, ABS, PP, PE, HIPS, RHIPS, HDPE, RHDPE, LDPE, FDA-certified materials, freezer-proof certified materials, medical-grade materials, custom color-matching.


What end-markets does Dordan provide custom thermoformed packaging solutions to?

As custom thermoformers, Dordan provides custom thermoformed product and packaging solutions to many end-markets, including:

Does Dordan provide food packaging?

Dordan has experience designing and manufacturing custom thermoformed food packaging solutions in a variety of food-grade and FDA-certified materials.

Does Dordan provide medical device packaging solutions?

Dordan offers healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Learn more here.

Does Dordan offer stock clamshell packaging?

Yes, we offer a selection of Dordan-owned stock thermoform tooling that allows us to produce standard blisters and clamshells.

Does Dordan manufacture custom thermoformed packaging in America?

Dordan manufactures custom thermoformed packaging in Woodstock, IL. All thermoform package design and engineering, tooling, and plastics thermoforming is done in-house under one-roof. This integration allows for the production of consistently high-quality thermoformed parts and packaging in quick turn-time at competitive pricing.


Does Dordan Manufacturing offer contract packaging and/or fulfillment services?

Dordan is an engineering-centric designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed product and packaging solutions. We do not offer contract packaging services, but work with a qualified network of partners to aid our clients in meeting their procurement and supply chain needs.

Does Dordan offer easy-open clamshell packaging?

Yes, Dordan offers easy-open clamshell packaging.

Does Dordan Manufacturing manage inventory?

Dordan offers vendor-managed inventory.

Does Dordan design and machine its own thermoform tooling?

Yes, all thermoform tools, prototype and production, are CNC-machined out of air-craft-quality aluminum in-house at Dordan. The same team of packaging engineers that develop the thermoform design also create the production tooling, allowing for intelligent quality-control.

What type of thermoform packaging design services does Dordan offer?

Dordan's packaging engineers create custom thermoform designs from scratch, collaborate with customers to modify/enhance existing thermoform designs, and/or replicate thermoform designs. Dordan is proficient with importing/exporting a variety of engineering files and formats. Dordan offers different thermoform packaging design formats, including engineer drawings, 3D animations, photorealistic renderings, prototypes, etc.


What size is Dordan and where is it located?

Dordan Manufacturing has 11 thin-gauge in-line plastics thermoforming machines and in-house thermoform design and engineering, tooling, quality-control and vendor-managed inventory in Woodstock, IL. Spanning over 50,000 square-feet, Dordan is a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the most current plastic thermoforming, software, and machining technologies available.