Thermoformed Dunnage Trays


Dunnage or Work-in-Process trays are designed to effectively protect and transport products during manufacture, assembly, and distribution.  These functional thermoformed trays provide solutions for safely moving products from location to location or to the end customer, damage-free.

Thermoformed dunnage trays can be designed to be  used and loaded robotically, and they can be reused.  Stack-and-rotate design features allow dunnage trays to be loaded and stacked without damaging the product, while maximizing shipping efficiencies.

Dordan Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated company that has been designing and thermoforming plastic dunnage trays for 55-years. We are a full-service engineering-based dunnage tray designer and thermoformer, offering all design, tooling, and production in-house under one roof. This integration between dunnage tray design and manufacture allows for the production of quality thermoformed dunnage trays in quick turn-time at competitive pricing.

On the vehicle of ISO 9001:2015 certification, we work to continuously improve the value of the products and services we provide to our customers. Dordan provides thermoformed dunnage trays to OEMs in the automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries, implementing different quality control procedures to meet their various quality and performance requirements.

Dordan thermoforms dunnage trays up to 30" x 38" x 5.5" and between 0.010" - 0.080" thick. Dunnage trays can be manufactured from a variety of plastic materials and thicknesses, offering different impact strength or electrostatic-dissipative qualities (ESD), for instance.