Plastic Clamshells

Plastic clamshell

Thermoformed plastic clamshells are rigid plastic containers that showcase and protect consumer product goods at retail. They are hinged, opening and closing like a book, which snaps together via drafted platforms. Plastic clamshells often times include hang-holes for retail display, and feet to allow the package to stand on a retail shelf. Clamshell packaging is a versatile and effective packaging medium for protecting and selling consumer product goods at retail.

Dordan has 55-years experience designing and thermoforming custom plastic clamshell packaging. Our objective is to produce quality clamshell packaging that fulfills the requirements of our customers while being efficient to produce and cost-effective.

Dordan is a full-service clamshell designer and manufacturer, offering all plastic clamshell design, tooling, and thermoforming in-house. This integration between thermoform clamshell design and manufacture allows for the production of quality plastic clamshells with short turn-time at competitive prices.

Family-owned and operated, Dordan differentiates itself by being an engineering-based designer and manufacture of custom clamshell packaging solutions.

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Plastic Clamshell Benefits:

  • Pilferage-proof and transparent, thermoformed plastic clamshells offer attractive and safe merchandising of consumer product goods at retail.

  • Transparent plastic clamshells allow the consumer to see the product at retail, facilitating product sales. In a study by Clemson University, it was found via a mock retail environment and participants fitted with eye-tracking glasses that plastic clamshells facilitate more product sales than paperboard packaging.

  • Plastic clamshells are lightweight and easy to fulfill, facilitating efficient logistics and distribution.

  • Dordan offers easy-open clamshell designs.

  • Plastic PET/RPET clamshells are recyclable post-consumer and plastic clamshells can be made of post-consumer and/or post-industrial recycled content. Learn more about our sustainable clamshell packaging here.

  • Dordan offers thermoformed clamshells made from electrostatic discharge materials (ESD materials) that reduce static electricity to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices. Learn more about our electronics device packaging solutions here.