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Download Dordan's Easy-Open Clamshell Presentation

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Apr 3, 2017 4:38:55 PM


For PACK EXPO this year, Dordan had an exhibit were attendees were invited to vote on which easy-open clamshell was in fact, the easiest to open! Check out the Packaging Digest here and the dorky picture of me below as proof!

It took me a minute, but here is the easy-open clamshell "vote" in presentation form. It includes an overview of the 5 easy-open clamshell designs Dordan developed, with photos of each prototype concept. Click here to download. Enjoy!

chandler slavin dordan clamshell vote.png

My New Packaging Digest Article on SustPack17 Keynote: Let's 'Do' Sustainable Packaging; Imagination Converts Ideas to Action

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Mar 29, 2017 10:38:11 AM

Hey guys!

My new article for Packaging Digest-- interview with SustPack17 keynote Adam Montandon-- was published yesterday! Titled "Let's 'do' sustainability: Imagination converts idea to action," it describes the take-aways from my 2+ hour Skype interview with Mr. Montandon. He's a hoot! I think that a lot of people have a hard time applying the Big Ideas of Sustainability to packaging, so his keynote will be a good introduction to what SUSTPACK17 has to offer; that is, real companies doing real sustainable packaging. I could definantely use a morale boost on sustainability right now and I think SustPack17 will be just the ticket! What is more inspiring than companies sharing how they are doing sustainable packaging-- not because it is the trend or they are being ordered to do so-- but because it makes good business, and societal, sense.

Hope to see you at SustPack in Scottsdale, April 24-26th!

Packaging Digest-1.pngSUSTPACK2017.png

Interview with SUSTPACK17 keynote Adam Montandon, article in Packaging Digest coming soon!

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Mar 9, 2017 1:49:51 PM

Hello, world!

I interviewed SUSTPACK17 keynote speaker Adam Montandon for an article I am writing on the presenter for Packaging Digest. He is a man of many trades, but his byline for the conference website lists Co-Founder of Factory of Imagination. After consulting the bios and abstracts of the various speakers lined up to present at SUSTPACK17, I had absolutely no idea what the Factory of Imagination was or why Adam was keynoting a sustainable packaging conference; hence, he became the first one on my "wish list" of interviewees.  After an almost 2-hour Skype session with Adam, based in Denmark and originally from the UK, I can not WAIT to witness his presentation, which promises to be nothing like what I've seen at SUSTPACK before. Imagine strange, silly, and anything but boring.

Associate Professor of Product Design and Innovation at SDU in Denmark, Adam has given keynotes at many universities and events around the world, including: The Royal Institute of Science in London, Berkeley University in CA, Transmedial in Berlin, MipTV in Cannes, TEDxLinz in Australia, and many more.

He is a teacher, author, event organizer and producer, workshop extraordinaire and life-long advocate of how fun and business can, and should, intersect to create truly fascinating products and experiences. 

Look out for the full interview in Packaging Digest, coming soon!

adam montandon.pngSUSTPACK2017.pngPackaging Digest-1.png

Above: Adam Montandon


Dordan's Woodstock, IL, actual "Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania" of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Feb 1, 2017 3:31:57 PM


A little unknown trivia about Dordan Manufacturing: The custom thermoformer is located in the town of Woodstock, IL, where the movie Groundhog Day, staring Bill Murray, was filmed! Supposedly based in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, an actual town outside Pittsburgh, Groundhog Day directors and writers were unimpressed with the small PA town; they then decided to embark on a location scouting field trip around the Midwest. Towards the conclusion of their expedition they descended upon Woodstock, IL, located about 50 miles northwest of Chicago. It was love at first site. The timeless town square was the perfect setting for Punxsutawney Phil's awakening and the small town celebrations that continued throughout the day and into the night, to Murray's disdain.

All of the buildings from the movie on the "square" remain today, maintaining their timeless charm. Tomorrow Woodstock hosts its annual Groundhog Day awakening (our Groundhog is named 'Woodstock Willie'), followed by week-long Groundhog-Day-themed festivities. This is the 25th anniversary of Murray's Groundhog Day, sure to make for a rip-roaring good time in Woodstock! Will Woodstock Willie see his shadow tomorrow or are we in for an early Spring?!

Groundhog Day Movie.png

Woodstock square.png

Above: Woodstock, IL, 2016 Groundhog Day

Woodstock Wille.png

Above: Our Beloved Woodstock Willie

Woodstock square 2.png

Above: Woodstock 2016 Groundhog Day

Weekend WSJ Article Describes "Liberal Dystopia" of CA's Plastic Bag Ban

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jan 30, 2017 12:03:37 PM

Allysia Finley writes in "In California, 'Paper or Plastic?' Is Against the Law,"

There's no such thing as a free bag-- at least not anymore in California. Voters in November approved, 53% to 47%, a law outright banning single-use, carryout plastic bags. Grocery and convenience stores can offer paper or reusable bags, but the law requires them to charge at least 10 cents a pop. While pot is now legal in the Golden State, plastic bags are contraband. Welcome to the liberal dystopia.

California's bag ban is a classic marriage of economic protectionism and governmental paternalism, dressed up in environmental virtue. As with so many progressive policies, the ban is likely to have unintended consequences.

While non WSJ subscribers are unable to read the article, thus I can't include a link to continue reading here, I do include the notable points written in my own words below. In short, her article demonstrates that CA's plastic bag ban is not based on science, governmental insight, or economics; it's based on stupidity. I strongly encourage you to consult Finley's WSJ article as she does a wonderful job playfully narrating a somewhat tired and dry topic.


  • In 2006, the state Legislature passed a law that required grocery stores to run recycling programs to collect plastic bags. To obtain grocers' support for the law, the Legislature prohibited cities or counties from imposing fees on plastic bags.
  • San Fran responded by banning plastics bags. The justifications for banning plastic bags were assertions that the ban would reduce global warming and America's reliance on oil. Yet only about 3% of oil is used to produce all plastic packaging; and, plastic bags specifically are made from natural gas, which America has an abundance of. Reusable bags, contrarily, are made from oil and manufactured in Asia; and, produce more greenhouse-gas emissions over their life cycle.
  • In regards to the environmental costs of substituting plastic bags with paper: A 2011 study by the UK's Environmental Agency found that a paper bag, compared with a plastic, was 3.3 times worse re: GHG emissions. In addition, paper bags result in more water and air pollution than plastic bags.
  • In regards to the justification to ban plastic bans in an attempt to curb litter: Plastic bags make up about 1% of litter in most cities (2013 Survey, Environmental Resources Planning). Moreover, plastic bags make up less than 1% of objects caught in storm drainers (2009 Survey, Keep America Beautiful).
  • Replacing plastic bags with reusable bags present a significant public-health risk. A 2012 study by two university academics found that emergency-room admissions in San Fran from food-borne illnesses surged after the city imposed its ban. Many people were reusing their bags without washing them first. And considering the scarcity of water in CA, washing reusable bags wasteful.
  • Looking at the economic impacts of banning plastic bags, a 2012 study by the National Center for Policy Analysis found that LA County's ban shifted commerce to incorporated cities where plastic bags remained free and legal. In addition, employment dropped by an average of 10.4% at grocery stores in the county's unincorporated areas. Meanwhile, the 2006 mandated law of at-store recycling for plastic bags resulted in expensive operations as few customers returned their bags. That is why the CA Grocers Association joined groups to lobby for the law banning for bags statewide.
  • Democrats declared that the law would help create jobs in CA. Yet, most plastic bag manufacturers of plastic bags are located in other states with lower energy costs.

Finley closes,

The bottom line is that if you're planning a visit to California, be sure to pack some extra bags. They've become a rare commodity.

For more articles on the science of plastic that contradicts the prevailing notion that plastic is bad while paper is good, check out my summary of Trucost's report for Packaging Digest.


Dordan to Attend SUSTPACK17 as Reporter for Packaging Digest

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jan 27, 2017 8:22:40 AM

Packaging DigestSUSTPACK17

Dordan Manufacturing to Attend SUSTPACK17 as Reporter for Packaging Digest

Dordan is an engineering-centric designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed product and packaging solutions like plastic clamshells, blisters, trays and thermoformed components.

Woodstock, IL - January 27, 2017 - Dordan Manufacturing to attend SUSTPACK17 as a contributing writer and reporter for packaging-centric UBM publication, Packaging Digest. SUSTPACK17 (April 24-26, Scottsdale, AZ) is the premier sustainable packaging event in North America, produced by Smithers Pira, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and Packaging Digest.

SUSTPACK17 is a three-day conference kicking off with tours and workshops, followed by a full agenda that includes presentations and panel discussions on a variety of sustainable packaging issues. Topics include material health, end of life management, supply chain engagement, the circular economy, and industry and governmental collaboration. SUSTPACK17 offers a diverse mix of material and packaging suppliers, consumer brands, retailers, and government representatives, peppered with speakers outside the packaging space who emphasize art, innovation, design, and the environment. 

This will be Dordan's third year attending SUSTPACK17 as a contributing writer and reporter for the publication. Dordan's Sustainability Coordinator, Chandler Slavin, began writing for Packaging Digest over three years ago after publishing an array of articles in different trade journals. Slavin has served as Dordan's Sustainability Coordinator for over 7 years, having served as Dordan's primary contact to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, the Walmart Sustainable Value Network, the Association of Visual Packaging Manufacturers, the Society of Plastics Engineers / Society of Plastics Industry, and the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Manufacturer Network. Slavin's largest contribution to sustainable packaging was her participation in the dialogue that facilitated the inclusion--and then recycling-- of post-consumer PET thermoformed containers. Slavin published three reports detailing these efforts from 2010 to 2015, awarded two Plastics in Packaging magazine covers and the cover of Green Manufacturer Magazine. While the market for post-consumer (PC) plastics recycling has steadily declined with the fall in virgin plastic prices, the infrastructure for PC PET thermoformed container recycling exists and will again be utilized when the market for PC recycled plastics rebounds.

Dordan CEO & President Daniel Slavin comments, "SUSTPACK17 is a great opportunity for members of the sustainable packaging community to assemble and discuss the developments and obstacles that characterize the sustainable packaging movement. Packaging Digest is a powerhouse of a publication and one that Dordan is honored to contribute editorial content to. We are grateful to SUSTPACK organizers for allowing Dordan to participate in this event, which always proves itself to be of great value to our company, our customers, and the readers of Packaging Digest."

For more information on SUSTPACK17, visit the event website here.


Dordan Named Among Exhibitors that Generated Most Amount of PACK EXPO Attendees

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Jan 19, 2017 2:07:09 PM

Hello and happy 2017!

I am pleased to announce that Dordan was named among the exhibitors that facilitated the most amount of PACK EXPO attendees through the use of our complimentary registration code.

Dordan's complimentary registration code was provided to customers and potential clients, granting free registration to PACK EXPO International 2016 in Chicago, IL, November 6-9. Out of all of the PACK EXPO exhibitors, Dordan was among those that generated the most amount of Show attendees. 

To show appreciation for Dordan's efforts, PACK EXPO show organizer PMMI issued Dordan a letter of congratulations. A photograph of the letter is included below.

Dordan is very grateful to its many customers and prospects who attended PACK EXPO on Dordan's behalf, making it a point to visit our booth to see our latest products. Many of our booth visitors also voted in our Easy Open Clamshell election, the results of which can be viewed here.

Thank you to those who took advantage of Dordan's PACK EXPO complimentary registration code; we hope you had a successful show and look forward to working together in 2017!

Congratulations letter.jpg

Dordan's Year in Review: Most Popular Content of 2016

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 30, 2016 11:33:54 AM

Hello, my sustainable packaging friends!

As 2016 comes to a close, it is time to reflect on Dordan's most popular content, as demonstrated by views, clicks, downloads, shares, likes and more! Thank you for your interest in Dordan this year and we look forward to continuing to publish content that compels you to click in 2017!

Most Read Blog Post of 2016:

The most read blog post of 2016 was, "Dordan Featured in Plastics News Special Edition on Family Businesses."

Published May, 2016, I write:

Dordan is pleased to be included in Plastics News' Special Edition on Family Businesses!

Published today and titled "Family Extends Beyond Relatives at Dordan," this article shares Dordan CEO & President Daniel Slavin's unique perspective on the value of his family business. This article is a detour from our normal, customer focused-content, as it provides insight into how Dordan is as a company; who we are and what we value; not just what we can do for our customers. It is honest and real and I couldn't be happier with it.

Click here to read the full blog post.

Most Read eBlast of 2016:

The most read eblast of 2016 was distributed February, subject heading: "A Picture is worth a thousand words; a visual history of Dordan's package design."

The email continues,

A picture is worth a thousand words. A visual history of Dordan's package designs provides insight into the engineering-based thermoformer's style and skill.

Click here to read the corresponding blog post, which was also the second most read blog post of 2016.

Most Downloaded Content of 2016:

The marketing content downloaded by the most amount of people in 2016 was Dordan's Fact Sheet, a 2-page overview of our products, services, and capabilities.

Click here to Download Dordan's Fact Sheet.

Most Shared Content on LinkedIn:

The content that received the most amount of shares on LinkedIn in 2016 was a December 15th post, "Dordan Manufacturing Co-Founder Turns 101 Christmas Day."

Click here to read about my Grandmother's accomplishment.

Most Liked Content on LinkedIn:

The most liked content published on LinkedIn in 2016 was a picture of me at PACK EXPO, encouraging attendees to get out and vote in our easy-open clamshell election. Here she be!

LinkedIn, most liked post.jpg

And here is the subsequent blog post on the results of the election, which was our third most read blog post of 2016: "Another Surprising Victory: Standard Clamshell Voted Easiest to Open @PACK EXPO."

Cheers to making 2017 as successful as 2016!

Cheers to 2017.png

Happy Holidays from ME

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 16, 2016 2:10:18 PM

Dear my sustainable packaging friends,

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and for your interest in sustainable packaging, thermoform recycling, and Dordan Manufacturing. I wish you all a joyous Holiday and very successful 2017.

Happy Holidays .jpg

Warmest Regards,

Thermoformed Christmas Tree

Chandler, Sustainability & Marketing

Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Thermoforming Christmas Trees Since 1962


Dordan Manufacturing Co-Founder Turns 101 Christmas Day

Posted by Chandler Slavin on Dec 15, 2016 3:10:13 PM

Hey guys!

Brrrrr it's cold outside! I forgot how fun these polar vortex can be!

My Grandmother, co-founder of Dordan Manufacturing, turns 101 on Christmas Day! Nate Linhart of the Northwest Herald reports:

Born in Canada in 1915, Ellena Vivian Slavin was alive during World War I as well as other major events that took place in the past century.

“I’ve seen many, many things in my time,” said Slavin, who turns 101 on Christmas Day.

Despite being almost 101 years old, Slavin has lived on her own in Crystal Lake for more than 29 years.

“I’m my own person,” Slavin said. “And I’ve had quite a history."

...As for work, Slavin and her husband opened up Dordan Manufacturing in the early 1960s, which is now located in Woodstock, IL.

“Ed and I owned the company together until we got old and retired,” Slavin said.

In 1974, their son, Daniel Slavin, became the new president and CEO, a title he still holds today.

Click here for the full story.

Grandmother Slavin.jpg

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