Thermoformed component

Thermoformed Components

Dordan specializes in designing and manufacturing thermoformed products and components which, unlike plastic clamshells and blisters, serve a function beyond product protection and display for retail merchandising.

Thermoformed components are functional products that are designed to serve a specific, functional purpose. Examples of thermoformed components are shown to the right. Because plastics thermoforming is so versatile and lends itself to so many applications outside of packaging, thermoformed components comprise a large portion of Dordan's business. Further opportunities for functional thermoformed components exist for injection-molded parts that can be redesigned for thin-gauge thermoforming, thus reducing tooling expense.

Dordan has 55-years experience designing and manufacturing custom thermoformed products and components. Dordan is an engineering-based, full-service designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed components. This integration between design and manufacture allows for the production of highly-engineered, high-quality thermoformed parts that meet our customer's performance requirements. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality-control process is the vehicle on which we consistently produce thermoformed products and components that perform.